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Licence Forklift

How To Get Your Forklift Licence In Melbourne

Attaining your forklift licence is a necessity for many workplaces in the trade industry. Going through the appropriate training will help you achieve this, and put a major boost on your resume. Whether you’re making an industry change, beginning your career straight out of school, or think it would be beneficial to have on your CV, having a forklift licence can be a major advantage. You can get accredited training in Melbourne with the reputable SETsolutions.

What to expect from forklift training

Starting any course can be nerve-wracking, as it’s hard to know what to expect. Whether you need prior experience, if you’ll get along with the others in the course, if you’ll like the instructor and how difficult it will be, are just a few questions that can play on your mind. While it is impossible to predict all these things due to differing personalities and competing variables, there are a few constants that you can expect when attaining your forklift licence.

Firstly, SETsolutions is one of Melbourne’s leading forklift training providers, offers 2 convenient courses that run every 2 days. You can either take the 2 day course for beginners or the 1 day course if you have past experience. This means that even if you have no prior experience, it will only take a short amount of time out of your schedule to attain a valuable licence, compared to some other training courses.

It’s also important to know that when commencing a forklift training course, you should wear appropriate closed in sturdy shoes and long pants. Most places will instruct you on what to bring, and it usually is something as simple as Photo ID and a Medicare Card.

Finally, once you have completed your course, which is accredited across all of Victoria and can be completed on a weekend with SETsolutions, you will receive a notice of assessment. This must be lodged at Australia Post and usually takes approximately 3 weeks to process before receiving your forklift licence.

*Forklift course is $295 plus $60 licence fee payable to Australia Post if you are eligible for Government Funding. If you are not eligible for funding, the Forklift course is $449 (pricing subject to change) plus $60 licence fee payable to Australia Post.